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Introducing Package 2: Air Con, Air Purification + Solar 

Our Fully Ducted Air Conditioning System is now available in conjunction with the Revolutionary Air Purification System that has already enhanced hundreds of lives across Australia – our C.A.H.S® (Clean, Air, Health, System). This package also includes CP Group’s Solar Package to power your home’s energy supply.

The innovation team here at CP Group Aus have created a powerful air quality and temperature control combination that will provide your home or business with a Medical Grade Air supply – powered by Solar Energy.

Air Conditioning

Our Fully Ducted Air Conditioning System maintains a comfortable and controllable air temperature with a soft filtration. The energy efficient characteristic enables a low running and cost effective system that produces an optimal temperature for a comfortable air setting. Our powerful system helps to remove stale air, while minimising the running sound of this unit.

Air Purification

Our C.A.H.S® (Clean, Air, Health, System) has been soaring in demand since launch. This Air Purification model has been recognised nationally for it’s life enhancing benefits. The sleek and space saving design of this unit has enabled a versatile Air Purification System created to remove unwanted substances from room air, through the use of a NASA approved H13 HEPA Filter. Our C.A.H.S® has been trialled, tested and approved to remove up to 99.05% of Stale Air, Smoke, Smog, Viral and Bacterial Particles, Dust, Pollen, Odours and Other Harmful Airborne Particles & Substances from room air.

Solar System

CP Group Aus Solar System uses the natural sunlight and heat we receive from Australia’s tough climate – to generate electricity for your home. Environmentally friendly, low maintenance costs and a powerful electricity source all in one. Converting to an eco-friendly lifestyle has never been so easy with CP Group Aus. Our Experienced Engineers install CP Group Solar Systems all over Perth. Their proactive approach to every project ensures efficiency with safety, in a timely manner.

The Combination

Why have we combined these three CP Group Aus Products?
The combination of our Fully Ducted Air Conditioning Systems with our C.A.H.S®, introduces a powerful form of Air Quality Control that improves a variety of factors in people’s lives. Both systems are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide complete control of your home or businesses air intake. Reinvent your Productivity Levels, Respiratory Health, Sleeping Pattern and your Overall Mood.

The inclusion in this particular Package Deal of CP Group’s Solar System, creates a self generating power source capable of powering both of the aforementioned systems along with other appliances within your home. Introducing self generating power from solar panels will reduce your energy bills drastically. Naturally powering your home is simple with Australia’s abundance of sunlight. Renewable Energy never runs out, meaning your home’s power supply will be readily available every day!

Package 2 also offers Easy Finance Payment Plans from $92/week Interest Free over 36 Months.

Experience Purified and Temperature Controlled Air – powered by a Renewable Energy Source from CP Group Aus Perth.

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