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Air Purification Benefits in Restaurants and Bars

As the CP Group Aus “Clean Air Revolution” continues to sweep its way across W.A. We have recognised that further investigations into how effective Air Purification models are in restaurants and bars is required.

Along with removing harmful substances and up to 99.97% of VOCs from your home or business’ air. Our Air Purification models produce medical grade clean air, while removing stale unwanted air.

Why business owners are adopting Air Purification Systems in bars and restaurants across W.A

Although Air Conditioners are used to moderate air temperature, more often than not, HVAC systems circulate the same air with minimal filtration. This activity results in particles remaining in the air conditioner system with the possibility of recirculating these particles at any given time – reducing the effectiveness of social distancing in indoor environments.

Our C.A.H.S Air Purifier prevents this spread. This technology based system identifies harmful airborne substances and removes them accordingly. Since launch, these systems have been employed in houses far and wide across W.A. Now, they are being employed in businesses with the goal of preventing the spread of deadly viruses, while providing medical grade clean air for both employees and customers alike.

Air purification systems supply a consistent flow of clean air. Clean air has become high in demand nowadays. In fact, it has become one of the world’s most desired properties of late. With an abundance of recent studies performed in both Australia and around the world, the effects of poor air quality are described as alarming at best. In 2012, studies in NSW unveiled that poor air supply had been resulting in over $4 billion per year in health costs. A worrying figure. Our air purification systems help to reduce these costs by removing harmful air and producing healthy clean air in return.

The impact of Air Purification Systems on employees and customers

Medical grade clean air not only improves the overall health of people. It also has positive effects on mood, productivity and buyer-purchasing decisions. Ever left a bar or restaurant because it was congested and poorly ventilated? This is our solution. Clean Air provides the human body with what it desires most – breathable air. People buy, make decisions and are more enticed to stay in an indoor environment if they are receiving a constant flow of clean air. Improve the productivity of your employees and satisfy your customers with the correct air environment and acknowledge a growth in sales.

Can Air Purifiers remove harmful viral and bacterial particles from indoor air?

Yes, HEPA based air purification systems have been innovated to remove all airborne particles that float in room air – including viral and bacterial particles! Once particles like the aforementioned become airborne, they float around indoor air, falling on nearby surfaces – unless inhaled by another person. CP Group Aus’ Air Purifiers are designed to detect and attract these particles, removing them from your bar or restaurant’s air before human inhalation.

In the fight to keep your business clean, allergen and odour free – air purifiers will become your main artillery. They do a fantastic job of capturing these particles before they will ever reach a surface within your establishment. Considering that air purification systems remove particles as small as 0.3mm microns, our HEPA based filtration systems are trusted worldwide in the fight against harmful airborne viruses.

Why do business owners choose CP Group Aus?

Aside from CP Group Aus’ reputation for our customer satisfaction extending across Perth and beyond. Our systems are leading their respective markets in more ways than one, but let’s stick with air quality for now. Our fully operational and market approved air filtration mechanisms were innovated with the world’s most recognised and trusted filter – H13 HEPA Filter.

How has the HEPA Filter gained its status?

The HEPA Filter has become the number one choice for air filtration systems worldwide. Even NASA has recommended the use of this particular filter in their space shuttles. Why? It is an extremely durable and effective filter, capable of capturing more particles, odours and VOCs from room air than any other filter.

For more information, visit one of our previously published blogs: NASA Supports HEPA Filter.

In conclusion, air purification systems are currently being distributed wide scale across Australia. Their impactful presence helps to reduce the spread of infections, stale air and odours – while working standalone or integrated with an existing HVAC system. For more information about our Air Purification Services, explore here.