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Air Conditioning + Air Purification System Promo - CP Group Aus

Enter to Win A Fully Ducted Air Conditioning + Air Purification System Valued At $13,000

CP Group Aus appreciate Western Australian’s inspiring efforts to keep our community safe.

We have also recognised the important role our customers play in every aspect of our company. We truly value our customers and to express our appreciation we have decided to run our largest competition to date!

We are offering you the chance of winning a Fully Ducted Air Conditioning System + Our (C.A.H.S) Clean Air Health System worth $13,000 combined – an incredible prize!

Replacing your home’s air with Medical Grade Clean Air results in the following benefits:

  • Removal of 99.97% of Bacteria/Viruses at 0.3 Microns – (Equivalent to a Human Red Blood Cell in size)
  • Removal of Harmful Gases
  • Improvement of your Home’s Respiratory Health
  • Improvement in Productivity, Mood and Sleeping Patterns.

But how do our Air Filtration Systems work?

Over years of innovation combined with intense research, our team of Engineers have created the World’s 1st Air Purification System that is capable of integrating both Commercial and Residential use.

Our Air Purification systems work by cleansing your homes air through a Certified H13 HEPA Filter. It is a simple process when broken down, but an effective one.

  1. Stale, Gaseous, Harmful Air (Containing bacterial and viral particles enter)
  2. This air then passes through an extremely fine mesh filter (H13 HEPA Filter) which captures the harmful components in your home’s air
  3. Medical Grade Clean Air is formed and spread around your home.

** Competition Now Closed**

The lucky winner will be announced on May 29th. Good Luck!

*Installation only available within WA. Site inspection required prior to install.

Standard Terms and Conditions Apply – please email for more info.