At CP Group Aus, innovation is key. We strive daily to increase the effectiveness of our products all while becoming a greener and more sustainable company.

Our team of experts are driven with weekly objectives in R&D, to innovate our products and installation methods to the most efficient way possible. We understand the benefits of our products, from boosting workplace productivity to creating healthy homes for you and your family.

Our team of 1st Class Engineers have recently created an innovative and space saving product. Our new Clean Air Health System (C.A.H.S) provides Medical Grade Clean Air without compromising space.

This clever device was created through the ongoing drive throughout CP Group Aus in creating the most efficient air cleaning solution in Australia. Our C.A.H.S is the first standalone Air Purification System that can also be combined with an existing HVAC System in the market today.

Our team have also created a Revolutionary Autonomous Fire Suppression System. Our DRA Proteng Hose & DRA Tungus System are cutting edge fire prevention systems that have been patented Worldwide with Full ISO 9001, TUV and Applicable Australian Standard approval to CP Group Aus. Our mission was to create a safe system with low maintenance to replace the outdated sprinkler technology.

Our team at CP Group Aus come to work daily with drive and ambition to create unique products and most importantly products that will benefit our community.

To date we have been extremely innovative in both the ventilation and fire suppression arenas.

We work to innovate, for you.