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Is Your Air Conditioning System Running At Optimum Level?

Air Conditioning units can be an expensive investment. Choosing the right service provider could save you thousands in repair and maintenance costs as the life of your AC System begins to extend.

Over 4.6 million Australians use some sort of Air Conditioning System in their home. Over the years CP Group Aus has encountered a variety of poorly fitted systems, leakages, energy draining bills and unhappy customers.

We have seen a spike in Air Conditioning provider companies in the market, however it is important to ensure the company you choose to engage with is experienced, does not rush their installation to save time and communicate after their sale has been agreed.

CP Group Aus are constantly improving their processes. We gathered an array of reviews and pinpointed areas of which we could improve. Overall, the consensus was positive, and our customers were extremely happy with our service. Customers noted our desire to stick to the suggested brief and to complete installations in a professional manner. Continuous communication is our most attractive quality and we take pride in this.

We install High Performing, Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems that last. Our state-of-the-art control mechanism ensures our customers avail of complete control over their homes’ air. Control your homes air at the push of a button or segment your room requirements by individual control.

CP Group Aus guarantees an Optimum Performing AC system every time. Our design and installation team base every project on previous successes, combined with innovating designs. Our advanced technology allows us to test each system’s performance during the design stage. Our Air Conditioning layouts are tailored specifically to your home or business on request. Our message is simple. For a fully functioning and worthwhile investment in Air Conditioning Systems, choose CP Group Aus.

Performance is our forte.

Why our Air Conditioning Systems have been recognised as a Market Leading Innovation.

Over the past number of years. CP Group Aus has excelled in the creation of Newly Invented, Diverse and Energy Efficient systems. The creation of clever devices, such as the C.A.H.S our Clean Air Health System along with the development of our nationally known AC Systems has led us to continued success and development. We are often asked why we continue to develop products after their initial creation, because we love to innovate!

Our team was formed on the basis of Innovative Engineers with a true passion for futuristic ways to control air. We appreciate that air, above all, is our most valuable component as humans. Air is something we as people, will never disregard. Sounds simple right, breathe in air and you live a healthy life. Not necessarily. Although we find air all around us and yes it is breathable, it may not always be as beneficial and you would think. Majority of the world’s air has become congested and filled with invisible to the eye Viral/Bacterial Particles. Although we cannot control the entire world’s air, we can control your home’s. Your home is essentially where you rest, sleep, eat and now work. You spend the majority of your life in your home. If you spent only sleeping hours at home, with an average of 8 hours per night. That equates to 224 hours per month – just sleeping time. That is 2,688 hours per year. My point is not how many hours you sleep, but more so the time you have readily available to you, to incorporate purified clean air into your body.

Air matters, but what are the true benefits of receiving Regulated, Controlled and Filtered Air through a Top Performing AC System?

  • Increase in Productivity
  • Mood Boost
  • Improved Sleeping Pattern
  • Removal of Harmful Particles that may lead to illness
  • Reduction in Respiratory Limitations – Easy to breathe air.

Overall a Healthier and Happier Home for you and your family!

Speak to our team today, to discuss our Full Range of Air Conditioning Units that will:

  1. Keep you cool in Summer
  2. Keep you warm in Winter
  3. Keep you refreshed all year-round.

The CP Group Aus Team.