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Nasa Supports Hepa Filter Effectiveness for Air Purification Purposes

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration over the past 60 years have explored various different ways to filter onboard air to continuously supply Medical Grade Fresh Air for their Astronauts, who usually stay onboard for at least 6 months. This is a 6 month period at minimum in an atmosphere with no gravity or breathable air.

NASA has conducted various different experiments and research methods to find an effective way to filter the stale atmospheric air that results within a Space Shuttle. Their studies resulted in 1 over achieving Filtration System, the HEPA Filter.

“Submicron and Nanoparticulate Matter Removal by HEPA-Rated Media Filters.”

  • “The phenomena associated with particulate matter removal by HEPA media filters and packed beds of granular material have been reviewed relative to their efficacy for removing fine (<2.5 µm) and ultrafine (<0.01 µm) sized particulate matter”
  • “Both HEPA media filters and packed beds of granular material, such as activated carbon, which are both commonly employed for cabin atmosphere purification purposes, are found to have efficacy for removing nanoparticulate contaminants from the cabin atmosphere”
  • “When used alone, HEPA-rated media provides superior performance for removing virtually 100% of particulates.”

NASA – 2016

NASA has stated that HEPA Grade Filters provide superior performance when removing particles from our air. On the backing of this study each Air Purification System we innovate is done so with H13 HEPA Filters – the most effective filter on the market. This filter type has been scientifically proven by and tested by NASA to remove Harmful, Stale and Bacteria filled air from their Space Shuttles. These results show that particles captured by HEPA Filters are smaller than those of a virus, proving the efficiency of HEPA Filters in removing Viral Particles from your Home or Businesses air.

This in-depth research has shown the removal of virtually 100% of particles is achievable by a HEPA Filtration System. The image below shared by NASA shows a deep microscopic view of a HEPA Filter that was aboard a NASA Space Shuttle that had returned home after a 2 Year Voyage. It is noted that even through a microscope it is hard to see the full contents that the filter has captured, but it is immense.

This is the inside of the HEPA Filter used for Air Purification for a 2 Year Period aboard a NASA Space Shuttle. These particles were “captured on the surface of the media during its approximately 2 years of operation aboard the ISS. Any micron and submicron particles that were captured are embedded in the interior of the media and not easily visible in the micrograph.”

The filter’s physical makeup is sporadic and allows for a high volume capture of all microscopic particles. “Due to the randomness of the diffusional collisions, the particle has a chance to approach the fiber surface and also get trapped.”

Our Full Air Purification Range of products are supported by a HEPA Filtration method for Highly Effective Results at an Affordable Price.

For more information on individual product specifications, explore our Air Purification page.

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Submicron and Nanoparticulate Matter Removal by HEPA-Rated Media Filters and Packed Beds of Granular Materials

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