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Rapid Deployment Inflatable Isolation Module - CP Group Aus

New Product – New Preventions. Our Rapid Deployment Inflatable Isolation Module with C.A.H.S® 200

CP Group has been working behind the scenes tirelessly to innovate new products to help suppress further virus outbreaks and illness transmission.
Introducing our latest creation, the revolutionary:
“Rapid Deployment Inflatable Isolation Module with C.A.H.S®”.

Rapid Deployment Inflatable Isolation Module - CP Group Aus

The Rapid Deployment Isolation Module was cleverly designed based on our C.A.H.S® – Clean Air Health System. The C.A.H.S® is an Air Purifying System that turns room air (which may contain viral/bacterial particles) into Medical Grade Clean Air.
Our newly innovated Rapid Deployment Inflatable Isolation Module with C.A.H.S®, was formed with the ideology of a dual functioning air control system. This system was designed to provide clean air to patients while isolating them safely – reducing transmissions.

Providing safety and peace of mind for other people within the vicinity of ill patients. Our new system is powered by a high performing air filtration system that removes harmful and unwanted substances from the air through an H13 HEPA Filter. High levels of clean air have been recognised to improve bodily functions – essentially aiding our bodies to a quicker recovery.

Implementing medical-grade isolation tents into areas of high transmission will reduce the spread of viral infections and highly contagious illnesses. These units will stop the spread of viruses in hospitals, retirement homes and other healthcare facilities. Dampening the risk of healthcare workers (Doctors, Nurses etc) from becoming ill while treating patients.

A highly versatile and mobile isolation unit. Perfectly designed to protect healthcare workers while dealing with high volumes of infected people. The system is designed to offer a normal hospitalisation experience for ill patients to recover, in comfort.

This product is fresh from our innovation team and is set to take off. The efficiency of this system enables a fast-acting and effective Air Purification Pod that filters stale air from an infected person – preventing further transmissions to occur while providing them with clean air to speed up their recovery. The inflatable feature enables an easy user experience with high levels of versatility. We have explored the effectiveness of Air Purification Systems in our previous blogs but here are some brief benefits users of such devices receive:

Removal of Smoke, Smog and Viral/Bacterial particles.
Reduces your risk of contracting an illness transferred by droplets in the air.
Improvement in Productivity, Sleeping Patterns, Mental Health and Respiratory Function.

For more information about our new Rapid Deployment Inflatable Isolation Module with C.A.H.S® 200, Speak to a CP Group Aus team member today.

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The CP Group Aus Team.