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A world first Air Purification system capable of integrating into Domestic & Commercial HVAC Applications.

Introducing the C.A.H.S® (Clean, Air, Health, System) Air Purifiers, with its advanced H13 HEPA filter capability it removes harmful smoke and smog, bacteria, dust, odours, pollen producing allergens and 99.05% of VOC’s, replacing your home or business with MEDICAL GRADE QUALITY AIR.

Specifically designed to the highest possible standards for hospitals, pharmaceutical, laboratories and food production facilities. The C.A.H.S® product range is now available in a range of sizes, perfect for home and commercial use. Help ensure your family or staff’s health and wellbeing and breathe Australia’s cleanest air everyday.

Clean Air Health System - CP Group Services

Australian Made, Designed & Owned, the C.A.H.S® product range is fully certified by the National Asthma Council Australia, it also carries a Health, Green and Fire Safety Seal.

2% of each system sold is donated to support the National Asthma Council Australia.


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CP Group Aus has proven itself an industry leader in the design and manufacture of our innovative C.A.H.S® (Clean, Air, Health, System) Air Purifiers. They not only have a line of attractive products, but also a line of exceptionally engineered products. Aside from the attractive characteristics of CP Group Aus, they function as a great product and have been fully tested to high levels from A/S standards.

Starting from C.A.H.S® HVAC 200 all the way up to the C.A.H.S® Commercial 1500. We offer a standard control system all the way to an app system which can be added to your smart home system.

All installations of the C.A.H.S® system are designed to the specific needs of the individual client. Keeping this in mind the service recommendations will vary on all system. CP Group take pride in delivering the best quality purified air, this is achieved with our advanced innovated design.

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The C.A.H.S® Systems allows you and your family to breathe Australia’s clearest air.

  • HEPA filter H13 minimum tested efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 Microns (AS 4260.1997)
  • Custom made carbon filters- PURAFIL PURAKOL Media porous pellets (AS 1324.1)
  • G4 filter media is 100% Synthetic, so it will not absorb moisture or support microbial growth (AS 1324.2)
  • Mix flow impeller designed fan, low energy consumption with high efficiency (AS/NZS 60335.2)
  • Australian made light weight colourbond construction
  • Inbuilt Fire Suppression system (putting safety first AS 5062.2017)

† 5 Year Warranty excludes filters and consumables.