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Protect Your Home From Pollution - CP Group Aus

Protect Your Home From Prescribed Burning Pollution

Prescribed burning has been an ongoing activity in Western Australia since 1953. The activity occurs at varying stages of the year as we approach cooler periods of our climate, normally in Spring, Autumn and often Winter. These prescribed burnings are sanctioned and controlled not only to reduce bushfire fuel, but to increase crop fertilization. Burning of any kind however, causes air pollution. Local authorities encourage all homeowners to turn off their Air Conditioning Systems when such burnings occur, due to their system’s inability to filter out this smoke.

Smoke Filtration

Aware that these prescribed burnings are a long-term activity, we have designed all of our Air Conditioning Systems with a filtration system that combats such pollutants. Each Air Conditioning System and Air Purification System we supply, are designed to maintain the highest level of air quality within your home or business. Each AC System CP Group Aus install, is fully fitted with an internal air purifying system that ensures your home’s air maintains its quality, even through these prescribed burnings. We understand that people across W.A depend on their AC Systems daily and we have created the ultimate system that ensures year-round performance, even through highly dense smoke periods.

These smoke screens have become a normal occurrence across W.A. Many people have questioned the health impacts on such burnings and we have compiled a deep understanding of the effects and how best to manage such encounters. Such smoke screens create a cloud of dull, smoke filled and harmful air. Smoke of this scale has seen people with existing respiratory conditions struggle to breathe and carry out normal day to day activities within their home. Previous AC systems as stated by local authorities – are incapable of filtering smoke out of air entering your home and so have resulted in an increased smoke inlet to your home.

CP Group Aus found this alarming statistic and we were immediately driven to find a system that could run efficiently regardless of your home’s exterior atmosphere. Breathable air is a necessity we all require. Using poorly designed or dated AC Systems can lead to an abundance of health complications, that will inevitably negatively affect your family’s health.

Previously seen implications caused by high levels of smoke inhalation have resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Headaches
  • Eye Damage.
  • Skin Irritation.
  • Respiratory Issues such as: Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Eliminate Bushfire Smoke

Our Fully Ducted Air Conditioning System, combined with our air purification HEPA Filter allows our customers to continue to use their AC System safely, even through the prescribed burning periods. Our innovations are designed to produce Medical Grade Clean Air for your home at an affordable price year-round.

Check out our Clean Air Health System (C.A.H.S) Smoke test video here.

Protect your family home or business by investing in a Market Leading Air Conditioning System that ensures purified air is the only breathable substance entering your home during these prescribed burning periods.

The CP Group Aus Team.