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Scientists say Airborne Viruses are now a “Real Problem”

In the past week, over 230 experienced and recognised scientists from over 32 different countries worldwide have formed a plea to the World Health Organisation W.H.O, regarding the transmission of viral particles through aerosol means – essentially spreading the virus.

The assumption has now been formed that the risk of contracting viral infections is relatively high in situations where high levels of ventilation or air purification are not being performed sufficiently. Airborne virus particles are now seen as a high-risk factor for contracting a virus.

Studies have shown that in poorly ventilated rooms, just one bodily release in the form of a cough or sneeze can spread viral particles far beyond the suggested 1.5-metre social distancing rule. It has been stated that viral particles introduced into inclosed or poorly ventilated rooms can linger within a room for hours. Viral particles in their simplistic physical form can be explained in two sizes – large and small particles. It is stated that large particles introduced into an environment tend to drop within 1.5 metres of the releasing location and land on surfaces nearby. This study supports the W.H.O’s current standing of social distancing to a 1.5-metre length from other people. However, smaller particles can travel further and remain floating in room air for hours unless sufficient systems are put in place to remove or filter out these substances.

Lidia Morawska from the Queensland University of Technology, a recognised air quality and health expert, has led the awareness campaign to the W.H.O. Over 230 respected and trusted scientists have joined Lidia in stating that measures need to be taken in order to combat airborne transmissions globally. It has been described as smoke enclosed in a poorly ventilated room with no escape and exploiting people within to potential harm.
“Coronavirus spreads through the air as aerosol, 230 scientists write in open letter to World Health Organization”

We can help!
CP Group Aus has developed an efficient means to carefully control your home and office air at an affordable price. One of our latest innovations, our Clean Air Health System C.A.H.S. This system has been designed to remove up to 99.97% of VOCs including harmful viral/bacterial particles, substances, smoke, odours and other airborne substances from room air and replace it with Medical Grade Clean Air. Our C.A.H.S operates through a highly effective H13 HEPA Filter, a filter clinically proven to remove airborne substances and viral/bacterial particles from the air.
The genetic makeup of the high performing H13 HEPA Filter has given this filtration system a high achieving status across the world of air quality control. An internal sporadically formed filtration mesh captures airborne virus particles within and the system then pushes out purified clean air. A simple, but incredibly effective process we have devised through years of clinical engineering and innovation.

Not only does our Clean Air Health System remove unwanted viruses, particles and smoke.
It also:

  • Boosts productivity levels.
  • Improves sleeping patterns.
  • Increases respiratory health through means of purified clean air.

Aware that we cannot change your external encounters with congested harmful air. We can convert your home or office into a safe breathing zone and a clean air haven.

Reduce your families risk of becoming ill and boost your overall performance through pure air. As people worldwide are now turning to air cleaning systems, our team stands ready to continue to rejuvenate home and office spaces across Perth, W.A into safe breathing zones.

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The CP Group Aus Team.