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How To Protect Your Air Conditioning System - CP Group Aus

Warm to Cold, Cold to Warm – How To Protect Your Air Conditioning System

On Winter’s arrival, we store away garden furniture, Summer clothes, BBQ’s and other Summer time amenities that are unsuited to the Winter period. But what about our Air Conditioning Systems? I bet you thought the change was as simple as turning the temperature gauge from the cold inlet to hot. Sometimes, it is not that simple.

Over an intense Summer period our Air Conditioning Systems work extra hard to filter out unwanted or harmful pollutants that try to enter our home. These filters capture particles and containments such as mold, pollen, dust and dirt from entering your home through your Air Conditioning System.

Your Air Conditioning System works hard year round and they too need care. You service your car and perform regular detailing on it. So why would you not care for a system that works around the clock to ensure your home remains at its optimum temperature. The process is simple and requires very little time or effort.

The Result: An Optimum Performing AC System ready to provide clean air circulation within your home.

The change from Summer to Winter can result in AC Systems reducing in quality due to a blocked up filter. When considering the rate of air that passes through this filter, changing it once a year is quite a reasonable ask.

What we recommend.

Regularly Service and Clean your AC System after long periods of intense weather conditions. We recommend all AC owners to clean their system thoroughly to ensure no debris, particles, dirt or dust are resting within the filter and fan components which may hinder air flow.

Cleaning and Servicing your AC device can be a daunting task. Here at CP Group we offer the option to help you by means of a phone call. Or on request, we provide a Full Service and Professional Cleaning of your AC system – which will restore your system to as it was when new. Regularly cleaned AC Systems perform at a higher efficiency while using less energy. When filters become blocked it suppresses the air inlet of the system increasing energy use and applying pressure to your systems operations.

Do you really need to Service and Clean your system and what happens to a neglected AC System?

Absolutely, consider your car’s air filter. If this filter becomes smothered with debris, your car loses power. Your car is then running at a below average rate and the air cooling system is forced to work substantially harder to run at a normal pace. This applies an increased strain on the entire system – using more energy. Just like your car, your AC system too, needs a regular service and cleaning to perform at its optimum level. Neglected AC systems often lead to repair and sometimes a full replacement.

For a healthier home, a controlled temperature and a reduction in energy use.

Nurture your AC system, it is your main source of clean and controlled air within your home.

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